Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Resources for Word Association Tests!!

Word Association Test
There are 8 words, 4 in 2 rows. There is one word in column A that can be associated with every word in Column B. For example :
Apple ………….. Orange
Mango …………. Eye
Banana ………… iPod
Watermelon …… Orchard

Answer is Apple because:
1. Apple and orange are both fruits.
2. ‘Apple of my eye’ is a proverb. Banana and eye? Naaah!
3. Apple iPod!
4. Apple orchard.
It’s a really fun exercise. There are 20 of these.

How to prepare:
1. It would be good to know a lot of proverbs.
2. General awareness – not the capital of Uzbekistan and pi upto 17 decimal places types – but normal stuff. And good English helps here, obviously.
3. May sound silly, but try studying up phrases like a PRIDE of LIONS, a PACK of wolves, etc. You know what I mean…!
 - Chuck

Resources from web that might help you to prepare for this section
Will add more links if i chance upon any other resource!