Tuesday, March 30, 2010

MICA GE/PI chat session with Chandan Pansari!!

Q) Career shift from IT industry to communications industry

Chandan: There are a lot of people in MICA currently with IT work ex so don't be too worried about that. In terms of justification for why MICA from IT everyone will have an individual answer but to some extent you can always mention that you were interested in media/communications management however, in order to do so you need to first be a graduate. The education system in India allows you either do a general grad/medical/engineer etc. and you chose an engineering course.

Q) About Group Exercise?

Chandan: The GE process has not changed much - last year there were group tasks allotted where people were asked to make a model, etc. and judged on team work and later they were asked to discuss and explain what they made - this year we don't know what the format will be but whatever it is just ensure that you do not try to be too aggressive or assert your self - be a good team player and follow normal GD ethics.

Q)  Call conversion Ratio?
Chandan:  in previous years the ratios have been 6:1 for final selection - m not sure of how many people they have called but should not be more than 6:1 could be lesser.

Q) About SOP?
Chandan: SOP - see just include your reasons for why MICA - rationalize your choice from what makes MICA different check the website for this info and then put some points for what you plan to do here and and after you graduate like your 5 yrs plan in brief after you graduate
@ everyone - just ensure that you know all that you have filled in the form really well.

Other points:

Chandan: @ all those who are making career shifts please prepare a logical answer for why you are planning to do so...don't be too worried as long as your answer is logical it is fine

Chandan: most questions will be around your Form, why MICA, your future plans.

Chandan: @prithvi - ABM profile is really good for a MICAN most people want to start as ABMs if you want to get int marketing

Chandan: @umang - almost 60-70% people do take loans if you think you need one its fine - i m on loan for 2nd yr

Chandan: @ prithvi - you can move to become brand managers in different countires different products and move up the director level etc...
Chandan: @ Shivf1 - no scholarship straight away but if u do well in first year you do get refunds for some amount.

Thanks to Nidhi Acharya (Xanthipe) for sharing this...

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