Saturday, January 17, 2009

Previous MICAT Papers

Collection of MICAT Papers:

Official MICAT 2008 paper from MICA website.... Download here

Old MICAT papers
1) MICAT 2004 (Thanks to CheckEETS for posting this)
2) MICAT 2003
3) SIMCAT From IMS Training institute (Thanks to CheckEETS for posting this)
4) MOCK MICAT from Career Launcher
5) Some old MICA interview qns

CAUTION: All these are old papers, so use this only as a reference. Please refer to the original MICAT 2008 paper for your preparation :)


  1. Hi,

    Thanks for your initiative.

    I am not able to download MICAT 2003, CL Mock MICAT and interview qns from rapidshare.
    Can you upload the files directly or let me know how to download stuffs from rapidshare..(Poor me..I havent used rapidshare before)

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  3. Thank you so much! I really appreciate your help. By the way if you find any other material which we can refer to, do post about it on this blog.

  4. @The inner me: Hi I have checked the links.. All of them are working fine.. Try again :)

  5. i am also not able to download them. it says the file is not valid.. can you check again please?

  6. Unable to downloas them..says invalid file

  7. Hi, I noticed that in 2008 paper it says "All qs are compulsory"..what does that mean? Is there negative marking for not attempting certain qs?and what about negative marks for wrong answers? Can someone pl give me a clear idea on that as I have looked through a coupl of threads and havent found any answers to my q!

  8. Hi.. unable to download the 2094 paper and the simcat.. says link not found. please help'

  9. for Mica mocks and previous year papers you guys can also refer to

  10. Hi..
    I am not able to download any of the mentioned files... Could anyone pl help...

  11. hi...
    i m not able to download any of the paper.
    can u pls help me out.i am applying for mica test paper this time...