Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What is MICAT?

MICAT is the entrance test conducted by MICA. It has 5 sections.

Section 1 - Matching Alternative Words
Section 2 - Psychometric
Section 3 - Sentence Completion, Matching contextual words, Sentence Correction, Paragraph Completion, RC
Section 4 - LA and QA
Section 5 - 3 essays and 1 precis writing

Now utsav has answered how to prepare for each section:
Section 1:

Well, if you look at the questions in the sample paper, it wasn't very much a game of good vocabulary as it was a test of word associations. One must understand the multiple uses of simple English words. Essentially, one must have a good command over the language, and that isn't the same thing as just having a good vocabulary

Section 2:
Psychometric Test: Don't try to cheat on this test by trying to portray yourself in a positive light. Just answer the questions truthfully. Remember, there are no right or wrong answers, we are just trying to understand you better. There are enough interlinked questions to find out who's trying to be a little extra smart

Section 3 and 4 :
If you have done decent amount of preparations for CAT, these two sections shouldn't be a problem. Just ensure that you have your basics in place

Section 5:
This is the best part, actually.
One really cannot prepare for this section. But what you must must do is be updated with current affairs. You might have an essay (As we had last time on Tata Nano) on something which is currently happening. Keep your eyes and ears open. Precise writing can be practised by taking any sufficiently long RC, reading it and writing a precise. Then go back to the RC and see if you have covered the main points and the central argument of the passage.

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  2. Hey guys, just got the link to this post from somewhere and read it. The initiative is great. but you have some factual errors, which can mislead others. MICAT does not have 5 sections EVERY year. It might not follow the same pattern each time. So be flexible enough to not be shocked when it has a different pattern. And yeah, regarding the preparations, Utsav has said a lot, so I won't spam here! :) All teh best to all of you!


  3. Hi
    Can you suggest any material for word associations,I was trying to solve this year's sample paper but because no answer key is given I couldnt judge whether my answers are right or not.
    Please help!!!!!!