Monday, February 16, 2009

MICAT Feb 22nd, 2009

MICAT this year will be a two and half hour test (150 minutes) starting at 9.00 am and ending at 11.30am.

You are required to be at the Centre by 8.15 am as you need to register, show all required documents etc.

Let me clarify some FAQs.

1. Psychometric: Choose the answer that is closer to what you do, if it is not exactly what you do. Someone has mentioned that s/he does this as well as that... In that case, what exactly do you do first. Tick the first response and not 'may be I could do this also' response.

2. Word association: Each one of you can give it a try and post it here. Help each other. MICA doesn't believe in spoon feeding.

3. General Awareness: Can be anything. Be aware, you don't need in depth knowledge of all things here.

4. Essays: Will check your language skills as well as logocal thinking skills.

5. Number of sections: Can't say anything right now. We all will know it at the same time.

6. MICAT duration: 150 minutes. Time given in mail is reporting time as each person needs to register by showing call letter (print of e mail), ID proof and give the draft. Hence you are required to come early.

Some more tips:

1. Weightage to handwriting in MICAT: Only one section needs us to see your handwriting. Hence 20% in case there are 5 section

Also, please remember that unless your handwriting is legible (not necessarily good), it will be a tough task to check your paper and that may work against you.

2. Marks for each section will be given in the paper. So you can figure out. Calls depend on number of applicants and their overall performance in MICAT.

All the best for the preparation.

P.S: These posts were by Prof.Deval in know more about mica go to the original thread here.

To prepare for MICAT go to Mica 2009 thread here or Target::MICA - orkut community


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  1. hey thanks a lot for your effort in compiling these inputs.