Tuesday, March 2, 2010

General Tips for MICAT 2010

1) MICAT is for 2.5 hours and you will have to report by 8:15 AM on March 7th, 2010. If you come after 9 AM you will not be allowed to write the test.

2) As of last year, ONLY in the psychometry section all questions were compulsory. Other sections had a negative marking of 1/4th of the original marks.
(P.S: Confirm by reading the instructions really carefully)

3) MICAT will have some sections like Quants, DI, Word Association, Verbal, Psychometric, General awareness and Essay.

4) Read the call letter carefully, take a print, take a valid photo id (e.g. Driving license, Voter card, Passport / College Identity card / Pan card) out and also carry items like HB pencils, pens, eraser, sharpener and foot-ruler.
(No i don't know why we are asked to bring a foot ruler so don't ask me) :P

5) Its also better to check out the MICAT venue before the actual exam date.
6) Do not use SMS language while writing essay's. Last year's paper had an essay and another story writing exercise. 2008 paper had 4 essays and 1 precis writing exercise to be completed within 30 minutes. So be prepared for anything. Practice writing a lot.

7) MICAT is supposed to be a creative test so be prepared for any kind of surprise.

8) For General awareness apart from going through current affairs keep yourself updated with the events happening in the media world (TV channels, newspapers and radios), knowledge of tag lines and punchlines might also be useful.

9) Knowledge of Idioms and Phrases, Proverbs might help you in Word Association Test, Verbal and General Awareness sections.

10) Psychometric: Choose the answer that is closer to what you do, if it is not exactly what you do. Someone has mentioned that s/he does this as well as that... In that case, what exactly do you do first. Tick the first response and not 'may be I could do this also' response.

11) Essays: Will check your language skills as well as logical thinking skills.

12) Weightage to handwriting in MICAT: Only one section needs us to see your handwriting. Hence 20% in case there are 5 section
Also, please remember that unless your handwriting is legible (not necessarily good), it will be a tough task to check your paper and that may work against you.

13) Marks for each section will be given in the paper. So you can figure out. Calls depend on number of applicants and their overall performance in MICAT.

14) You must attempt each section. Not attending an entire section is not an option. 

15) Easier said than done, Keep a cool head while giving MICAT and all the best...

P.S: Will add some more tips when i get some time....


  1. yeah quant should be manageable, coz with cat prep and xat prep micat level quant doesnt worry me. what does worry me, however, is the awareness section. i mean, how does one prepare for it? would i be well advised to go through some literature on mythology? i am reading punlines of all major companies and ther heads, but is that enough.

    and also, could u provide some link where i can scan through all the latest happenings in the media world. and i already know agencyfaqs, so i want some other thing. besides, facts on the net are scattered and the books i have get outdated, i mean CEO's change at the drop of the hat. so i want some reliable source on the net which has the data in one place. please help me, cheers!

  2. oh, another query. i have a 720 in my gmat with 6 in analytical writing. i am aware that mica took 10 candidates in the last academic year through gmat. now, my question is: is there a fixed number of candidates who are accepted by mica through gmat? i mean, lets say, me along with 20 more people with 700 plus scores get called to the micat, so does that ensure that at least 10 of us will have a seat reserved for us? it would effectively be a quota, but is there one. in the case of none of the gmat candidates being as good in their micat as the cat candidadtes, could that mean that mica doesnt take any gmat candidates?

    please be prompt in answering, since the micat is almost here.

  3. Hey Sunny....you can direct your questions to Prof.Deval from MICA, the official counselor for admissions related to MICA here -> http://www.pagalguy.com/forum/cat-and-related-discussion/44954-2009-10-ask-mica-ahmedabad-109.html

  4. Thanks a lotttttttt shiva..was doubtful about GA now I'll have to pull up my socks for it.
    Hey Ok I wont ask you about the ruler but Pencils ? Why are we asked to get them ? Are we supposed to write the essay with Pencil?
    Also if like 2008 more than one essays appear ..what is advisable ..writing the whole essay or attempting all the 4 ??

  5. 1) Pencils - to shade the ovals in OMR sheet...elementary dear watson :P

    2) Essays - your can either write 4 short essays or 2, 3 long essays

  6. but since cat scores arent considerd dis yr shudnt v expect d quant nd di 2 b tough, atlest nt as easy as d previous years? and wat bou spellin errors while writin essay..does dat carry negetive markins

  7. OH ow ...OMR Sheet ..ya right ..all these days I've been occupied only by precis and essays :) :)
    Nyways ..all the best Mr.Holmes :P

  8. can i know the cut offs for micat this year as i wil be appearing for micat 2011. and any idea regarding sectional cut offs?

  9. Hi i would like to know about the cut offs of MICAT 2010. As i wil be appearing for micat 2011

  10. Great stuff and greater help from the blogs. So...shall we say, for MICAT 2011, essays writing will be there and so also Precis writing? CAn MICAT throw a surprise and ask us to write short stories??

  11. hye,there...i would also like to know abt the cut offs fr the last year............n plz provide some links fr the news n latest happenings from media n advertising world

  12. please provide some guidelines about MICAT 2011 which is on 20th feb.. any sources to go thru for GK. and essay n story writing