Sunday, April 4, 2010

MICA SOP, GE/PI form and many more by Utsav Mamoria

Statement of Purpose (SOP):

SOP is about MICA. Why do you wish to join MICA is what you need to write that.

Likes and dislikes are more general in nature. Here we are asking for strong likes and dislikes.

You need to get the filled in form with you. It would be good to have a copy of it for yourself.

The Guide to the GE/PI form v1.1

0. Take this form very seriously. This could decide the way your interview goes. I will say this a million times and then say it again

1. Take two printouts of the form. Once you are done answering your questions, fill one copy then. This will allow you to see whether your answers fit in the given space. You may feel the need to tweak around a bit, change a few words, maybe rephrase a sentence. Once you are done, take a fresh form and fill it up.

2. Fill up your form neatly. Make sure its readable. Everyone likes a nicely filled form. A shabbily filled form could send a wrong signal to the interviewer.

3. Don't leave filling the form for the last moment. I would suggest that at least one week before your interview, you should have your form completely filled up.

4. Regarding your SOP, think through well why do you want to join MICA. A good SOP will work wonders for you. Its a very good way to judge clarity of goals and thought process, all packed in a limited space.Don't go to coaching classes and seek help. If SOP's could be written that way, a lot of people would have been sitting in the best schools in the world. Honesty is one thing which really helps in an SOP

5. Get your SOP read by a few friends or siblings or anyone who knows you well. If you are a fresher, you could get it proof read by someone with work ex, just to give you a different perspective. Revise and incorporate suggestions. Make sure there are no spelling errors or grammatical errors

6. Likes and Dislikes. Make sure they are strong and you have good reasons for them. We are not looking at model answers here. Just write something you passionately like or dislike

This is enough to get you started.


The SOP should have a structure, without which one would not be able to make the connect.

1. Make sure there is a logical flow of statements. Its should make for smooth reading and convey your ideas clearly. Remember, its your best way to talk to the admission council before you enter the interview room

2. There is no fixed structure for writing an SOP. Make sure that you manage to cover the following

a) Your intent behind joining MICA
b) How does MICA fit in to your career goals

I feel these two are the most fundamental things that should be covered in the SOP. There is no restriction though, and you are free to write things which you feel would strengthen your candidature

The Gyaan spewing for Group Exercise (GE) v 1.2

0. What is GE ?

Originally Posted by Admissions@MICA

GE - Group Exercise is normally done in a group of 8 to 10 students. You are given a topic with six to eight options and you need to priorities those according to your understanding and reasoning. The floor is then open for discussion and as a group you need to try and come to consensus on top 3 options. Topics are contemporary from society, business etc.
1. This is not a group discussion. It is a group exercise and you ideally should be able to complete the task given to you.

2. Be civil. We needn't emulate some of our politicians when we are discussing. Think of it as a board meeting, where all are given a problem at hand and you need to arrive at a consensus, which should be supported by logical arguments and plausible assumptions,if any.

3. Don't push too hard for your points to be accepted by the group, because if everyone in the group opposes it, there must be a rationale behind their thinking. If the group has dropped your point, bringing it up again and again will only waste precious time. Not to forget, the evaluators won't be all that impressed.

4. Your top 3 options may not be your group's top 3 options. Seriously, its ok

5. This is yet another stage to understand how you would fare in a business setting. Be at your best behavior. You might score a few points by being a bit aggressive, but if the group doesn't perform well, you could be in a spot offer of bother.

6. You should have a fair understanding of a wide variety of topics. Having a solid understanding of the events in the year gone by and the most crucial issues for the year ahead could just be the edge you have over the others. Don't worry, we shall not attempt to ask you to discuss about the motivations and the philosophy behind Monty Python's flying circus

7. While trying to arrive at a consensus, please refrain from voting over the points.It's a sure shot recipe for disaster.

8. Getting airtime is not all that important. Make a contribution which helps the decision making process and you should be doing fine. Its important to arrive at a decision, and not all that important to show one's knowledge

9. You will be judged by your points, your articulation, your team skills and your body language and a million other things :tongue:. In short, the standard rules of a GD would apply in this case.




  1. nice work dude.

  2. thank you this is very helpful ..i am stuck at one part of the form. Do the likes and dislikes have to be a) personality attributes about self ?
    b) general events that have happened which one likes/dislikes ? or
    c) activities one enjoys/doesn't enjoy doing ?